A New Journey in Sapporo/ 札幌の旅が始めた


Time really flies and I can't believe I've stayed in Hokkaido on my own for almost half a year. Looking back, it felt like only yesterday when I first landed at Shin-Chitose Airport to embark on a new chapter in my life.

Oh and before I go on, perhaps a short introduction about myself would be appropriate. My name's Kasper =) I'm 24 and a fresh physics graduate from the National University of Singapore (graduated in May 2014). Most people would be wondering why a physicist would be spending his time in Japan studying the language but to give a real simple answer, I just love the place so much!  I'm not purely a physicist but I also minored in Japanese Studies during my college years and I am proud to say that it is also in this area where my true interests lie.  My experience so far has not led me to change my opinions about Japan in the slightest and am happy to report that I'm really enjoying life out here!

I have to admit though that I'm quite the introvert and hermit so staying at for most of the day does not bother me in the slightest. Not that it's the case right now as I juggle my studies, part-time job and planning for the near future so life's pretty hectic these days. Still, just a disclaimer for those reading, I don't travel much and have still yet to explore much of Hokkaido so don't be expecting me to share too many tour experiences and recommendations for places to visit =S I enjoy a simple life. Daily life in Japan also excites me. A visit to the nearby supermarket for groceries; getting a haircut; finding cheap and good places to eat on a regular basis; these can provide wonderful experiences too! Unless you're really loaded and really love to travel, I guess travelling would be a great way to spend time here but to all other average joes (hehe) like me and prospective students, try and enjoy the little things in life a little more. 

That said, do go out and enjoy yourself once in awhile, just to change it up now and then. And with that I end my post with a few pictures that I took roaming the streets of Sapporo when I first arrived. Expect more soon!










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