I went to Eastern Hokkaido last week.

北海道は魅力のあるところがたくさんありますが、皆さん、道東の冬は経験したことがありますか?There are so many beautiful places in Hokkaido, but have you ever experienced Winter in Eastern Hokkaido??

湿原、SL、釧路ラーメン、毛ガニ! 食べ物はもちろんですが・・・。毎日自然で感動しました!!

Kushiro Marshland, Stream trains, Kushiro Ramen, Hairy Crab!! The food is of course delicious, but have the scenery also moved me. Have you ever seen the almost-extinct TANCHOU (red-headed cranes) of Hokkaido?

Taking a ride through the northern ocean ice drifts on the boat "Aurora" in Abashiri.

Going fishing on a frozen-over lake in Abashiri!

知床でできる、流氷だらけの海で流氷ウォーク! そして流氷の近くの水になんと、浮くこと!!Walking on ice drifts~! And guess what, floating in that water, too! An amazing experience... in Shiretoko. http://www.shinra.or.jp/ryuhyo/

And lastly, I highly recommend the laser show recreation of the Northern Lights that actually appeared in the World Heritage Site, Shiretoko.
クマが好きですね! http://www.town.shari.hokkaido.jp/shiretoko/event/fantasia.htm 

あぁ、AIR-G’の番組「H!t Trackz!」にでも英語と日本語で言ったけど、 北海道の自然が最高!!!  皆さん、これからも一緒に北海道を楽しみましょうね! 


Hokkaido is all about the food!!!
It may be just me...? No, there is so much food that is made in Hokkaido sold in stores with "made in Hokkaido" proudly presented, the rice, the vegetables, it's all very delicious~
Because of this I often thought, "I'm glad I came to Hokkaido."

今日は円山公園駅の近くにあるハンバーガー屋さんに行きました。 Hamburger_2

I went to a Hamburger joint close to Maruyama Koen Eki today. It tasted so much like an American burger (but perhaps healthier? :P ) My stomach was so full and happy, and thanks to that nostalgic taste my heart was also happy! Hehe
Sometimes I do think I'd like to eat food from Canada again from time to time, but the food here in Hokkaido most definitely keeps me satisfied!!

Ramen_2 先週はすすきのにあるラーメンの店に行きました。

Last week I went to a Ramen (Chinese Noodle Soup) shop in Susukino (famous Ramen Alley). Hokkaido is famous for Ramen! Especially on cold days, the soup really warms you up. To eat in a Ramen shop is also actually fun!! You can sit beside the other customers and see their faces, hear various conversations, a great atmosphere~
There are many Ramen shops, each with different tastes and each with different ingredients! So when I came to Sapporo I decided I have to eat them all!! :D
If you have any recommendations, please let me know.
Actually, last week when I went to this shop (in the picture), out of the 12 customers present, only one was Japanese. The Snow Festival starts tomorrow (2/7 ~ 2/13), so there are many tourists visiting! Hokkaido is a very popular tourist destination spot in Asia. I'm also planning on going to the Snow Festival, very much looking forward to it.

そして、釧路に住んでいたときに見た可愛いのを思い出しました。 Kurokuro2

Last but not least, this is just too cute I have to mention it.
The Japanese bakeries are a little different to the ones in Canada. There's lots of sweet bread, and very cute bread here in Japan!! I think in Canada "cute" food is a little rare (though there are lots of cute cookies!). But to be able to smile while enjoying your food is very important, right?? I think it's a great idea.
Here, it is "Kurokuronosuke Bread" (It's an adorable Ghibli character)!!
Now that I think about it, when I lived in Kushiro I also saw Green Turtle-shaped Bread, Panda-shaped Bread, Bear-shaped bread... I was so happy to meet them! So happy to eat them!! ^^
I expect nothing less from the country full of cute things...
To be able to smile at these simple small details is a great little happiness.


Let's enjoy this week as well, with a smile, and do our best!!

Winter Wonderland



The angels are crying again for us in Sapporo; the perfectly white snow falls silently over the city once again. Perhaps by doing so, they are helping us prepare for the Snow Festival starting next week. There are so many things to look forward to here in Hokkaido's winter!


I'm from Canada. Each day I walk to school I weave through the mountains of snow that line the street since the new year started. It almost seems like the sidewalk has walls, something I didn't even see often in Canada, it's quite fun!

通 学中の楽しみがもう一つ。学校の近く、円山公園の周辺にあるカフェやレストランの雰囲気が好きです。この辺りは、札幌の中でも特にお洒落と言われています。この季節、温度差からお店の窓は曇っていますよね。お店の外観も魅力的なので、お店の中を見ることが出来ないと「どんなお店なの」とさらに気になりま す。「いらっしゃいませ」と呼ばれている気さえしてきます。小さな出会いの連続に、ワクワクしながら雪道を踏みしめています。

There's one more thing I enjoy about continuing my Japanese lessons here in Sapporo. There are many cafes and restaurants close to the school in the Maruyama area, and I really enjoy their atmosphere. It seems to be an area even locals admire as rich and fancy. In this season the windows fog up from the warmth of indoors, as if inviting one to explore the things inside, calling out "Welcome!" to which we can only wonder what is there. To walk through the snowy paths and enjoy these small encounters along the way each day is very enjoyable.

Photo 広い北海道、そして札幌。その中で最初に私が紹介したいのは、人気観光スポットのこちら!「札幌市時計台」です。時計台は札幌の小さな宝物です。可愛らしいです。100年 以上の歴史があるのに、時計は動き続け不思議で綺麗な音を鳴らしてくれています。そして、建物の中にも入ることが出来ます。冷えた体を暖めつつ、ゆっくりと歴史を感じるなんて贅沢ではありませんか。今日、クラシック音楽のコンサートが開かれていたので、私も鑑賞しに行きました。時計の音や演奏を聴きながら 眺める外の雪は、より幻想的でしたよ。

Hokkaido is a very large island in Japan, and Sapporo is its biggest city; so the first location I'd like to introduce is the famous tourist attraction, the "Clock Tower" ! It's like Sapporo's tiny treasure, it's so cute! With over 100 years of history it still sounds each hour with a mysterious and beautiful chime. You can also enter the building, a great way to warm up from the cold and enjoy the building's old atmosphere; it's quite cozy. Today (1.30) I entered the tower to enjoy a classical concert. Listening to the classics, hearing the clock chime, and watching the snow fall outside, it felt very fitting and peaceful, as if everything was meant to be.


From everyday simple atmospheres to events, this broad Hokkaido has a way of encouraging dreams and goals of its visitors. The people here are also so very kind, every day is really enjoyable.


I love Hokkaido! I want to keep studying and introducing Sapporo as a beginning and eventually many places of Hokkaido! I hope you can also enjoy such surroundings. Thank you for reading, please stop by again!!