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Around the start of June this year, my boyfriend and I went to Chitose. I really like nature, so he suggested we go to a farm in Chitose. Firstly, we went to Matsuura Plantation, and not only was Matsuura Plantation wonderful but the drive on the way there was too. We drove past a place that reminded me of a place in Australia I would often drive past when visiting my cousins in the countryside. It felt a little nostalgic.

20140225_140312.jpgオーストラリア - Australia
20140608_152413.jpg日本 - Japan


The Farm had various plants and flowers up for sale as well as their own pretty garden. It was hard to decide, but walking around the shop more and more, I felt like I wanted something to look after in my apartment too. After much thinking, I decided a strawberry plant would be good. So, I bought that and my boyfriend bought a flower for his apartment.
Matsuura Plantation also had various animals around! I was really excited to see some very lively baby rabbits and chickens! One of the farmers noticed us looking at them and said "If you catch one, you can keep them!", I laughed. Sadly my apartment doesn't accept pets.



The next place we headed off to is Iwamoto Farm. We had seen it advertised in a Sapporo sight seeing magazine. We had a little trouble finding it, but after asking some of the farmers, we eventually found it. We were told that the flowers weren't in full bloom, so it was a little bit greener that usual. As we arrived, even the flowers weren't in full bloom, it was still so beautiful. We were able to get right up close to the flowers and really enjoy their beauty.
We took some photos and headed off to the airport to pick up my friend who had come from Australia to meet me.



Although it's a little difficult to get there, if you have a friend who can drive, or you can drive, I definitely recommend these places. The air is clean and the scenery is so beautiful!!

If you are interested, by all means, please look at this website!

Close to the school, a place I like to go for a walk


Last month, on a day when the weather was lovely, my Australian friend Tess and I decided we'd go for a walk. At that time, it had been a while since the weather was that good, so we decided we should go out. We walked to Maruyama Park which is close to school, cherry blossoms weren't really blooming yet which was a shame. On top of that Maruyama Park was so crowded, so the chance of us finding a spot to eat lunch seemed unlikely. Instead of doing 'ohanami' (watching cherry blossoms when they're blooming), we heard that there was a nature trail nearby from a friend and decided to go and take a look.



The walk was a little bit longer than we expected, but it was a really good day despite being a little too warm. While walking up the mountain, other people who were coming down the mountain would greet us sometimes with a friendly, "hello!". In Australia, I feel that especially in the city, greeting strangers is very rare! The trees and plants looked really beautiful, everything was so green and lively. It was a really lovely walk. We reached the highest point and decided to take a rest. We looked around and noticed that we could see our apartment building from the top! The view was really nice and the sky was so clear and blue.


昼食を食べるように公園で場所を見つけて、「Lil' Brats Brass Band」というバンドのライブを道の右側に行われていたので、食べながらバンド曲を聞きました。公園の雰囲気がもっとにぎやかになりました。バンドの回りに居る人は楽しそうに踊ったり話したりしました。バンドのメンバーを一人と話して、札幌に来るのは2年ぶりだと言っていました。

Once we came back to the road, we took a look at the stalls near Kaitaku Shrine. The path was crowded with children, couples, families and friends all buying various food and items. Tess and I ate a chocolate coated banana, it was so good! We also ate various toffee fruit!
We found a place to sit and eat our lunch after that. We ate while listening to a band called the "Lil' Brats Brass Band" across the street playing music! The atmosphere in the park became much more lively! Everyone was dancing and having fun! I spoke to one of the band members who said it had been 2 years since they had come to Sapporo.



So if you ever feel up to going for a walk after school or on the weekend, Maruyama Parks' nature trail is a really lovely place to go!


Jess Waugh



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