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入学する前に、私はすごく緊張していました。私は正直、自信は少ない、いつも振られる人ですから、「留学するのは怖い」と思っていました。 でも、教室に入ったらすぐにリラックスできました。まず、先生たちは暖かくて優しいし、学生の皆さんは面白いし、ほっとしました。さらに、授業を決める前に、小さいテスト(試験)があります。ま、試験というですけど、試験らしくないです。先生とゆっくり話しながら自分のレベルを決めることです。だから、どんなレベルでも、同じレベルの人と一緒に正しいクラスに入ります。



Before I was enrolled, I was really anxious. Truthfully speaking, I'm someone with little self-confidence, and am always dithering around, so I thought that studying overseas would be a scary experience. However, as soon as I entered my classroom I was able to relax. Firstly, the teachers are warm and kind, and the other students are all really fun and interesting, so I was really relieved. Additionally, before your class is decided, you take a little test. Well, I say 'test', it's not like an exam. You sit down and have a relaxed chat with a teacher, and thus decide which class to enter based on your level. As such, whatever level of study you are at, you can enter the right class for you with other students of similar ability.

If you have worries or problems, the staff in the office are always there to help. Immigration registration, accommodation, visa matters, illness... whatever your problem may be they can help you. The staff all speak really easy to understand Japanese, so any advice they give you is also easily understood. If a student doesn't show up for class, a member of staff will phone and ask if they're alright. Naturally it's important that students attend classes, but student's health and happiness are primary concerns.

Thanks to the kindness of everyone, the 6 months I've experienced until now have been incredibly fun. If you enrol at the JLI, I think you can experience the same fun. Actually, no. I don't think it, I fully believe it.




Since I'm an Englishman, it's natural that I'm a fluent and able speaker of English. As a result, many people who want to study or practise English talk to me. Thus recently, I've been able to make a lot of kind friends. I think this is a wonderful thing.

Additionally, since I plan to become an English teacher, teaching English to friends is like training for that. You need to use simple words, and thus you need to change the way you think. If you become accustomed to it, it becomes a lot easier.

Of course Japanese friends are excellent at Japanese, so naturally they may be able to teach you Japanese. If you study together, you can engage in something called 'exchange'. JLI students can teach their own language, while their friends teach them about Japanese in return. In my opinion, this is the best way to learn!

If you live in Japan, what kind of friends would you like to have?



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