シンガポール: 2014年12月アーカイブ

The winter’s getting harsher as the days pass so I guess it’s time to bring back more memories of summer again. This time it was a day trip that I made with friends from Hokkaido University. We rented an 8-seater to accommodate all 8 of us as we made our way to Noboribetsu. It was a pretty long trip so we did make pit stops along the way, taking photos of the beautiful scenery as well as having lunch at Kinoko Tengoku (Mushroom Kingdom).  



The place that we spent the most time was at Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura (Noboribetsu Period Village). Honestly speaking, we all agreed that it was a place that you don’t really have to go if you’re visiting Noboribetsu. Partially it’s due to the fact that we spent so much time there that we didn’t have enough time for other places!(We only rented the car for a day and had to return the car by 8.30pm before the place closed. Also travelling alone took about 4 hours back and forth) =( It was a relatively small place but did have some interesting displays and performance shows. Still, the saving grace of the place was the haunted house and ninja trick house that we visited. It provided lots of entertainment for us ‘kids’ and brightened up our moods after the long trip. I just wished the mini games such as the shooting gallery and such were included in the fee we paid to enter the place =(




It was after this that we made our way to Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Noboribetsu Hell Valley), a popular tourist destination in Hokkaido famous for its onsens (hot springs). However, as previously mentioned, we had not much time left by the time we arrived so we thought it might be a waste to pay for an onsen session that would barely last half an hour. Still we managed to try the foot onsen which wasn’t too bad an experience itself. (Plus it was free! Great for students like us on a budget!)


It’s been about 4-5 months since this day trip. I wonder if I should visit Noboribetsu Jigokudani again sometime soon. After all, it’s the perfect season for a relaxing dip in an onsen.





It's winter now here in Sapporo and everyone seems to be uploading pictures of the frosty scenery on social media. Yet I will be the odd one out here and share about my experiences in Summer instead! Don't get me wrong; I love the cold and all but now that I'm doing a part-time job along with my studies, I really have much less time to explore and travel around Hokkaido than before. While I also mentioned I enjoy the simple life, on top of that, it doesn't hurt to reminescence about warmer times: It makes me feel warmer and I can save on my rising electricity bill by not using the stove so often hehe!

Back in summer, a friend of mine from Singapore who was exchanging in Tokyo bunked over at my place and we did a little exploring. While I did not venture with him to further places like Furano or Hakodate ( he was with his girlfriend, who wants to be a lightbulb all the time?) we did manage to explore most of Central Sapporo as well as make a short trip to Otaru.

Following the recommendations compiled by students of JLI, we tried many things ranging from revolving belt sushi to Hokkaido's famous soup curry. We even managed to find a Singaporean "kopitiam" (Singaporean term for coffee shop/ cheap food center) in Tanukikoji, though I didn't try it personally. (I just left Singapore back then for a couple of weeks tops, why would I miss Singaporean food so soon? However, now that I've been here for about half a year, I definitely should get to trying it someday soon!)

For Otaru, to sum it up succintly, it's basically the "music box" place. Well it does have a short canal to walk along/ take a short boat ride, as well as parks, the thing that caught our eyes was the sheer number of shops selling music boxes. And even though we visited on a weekend, most shops outside of the tourist ones were closed =S At least we didn't leave empty handed and got a custom made music box with the OST of Star Wars (which my friend is crazy of).  Another thing was that we visited in summer, so we couldn't get to see the snow light path that is recommended in most travel guides but just the summer version of the canal. Perhaps it's time to make a return to Otaru soon now that it's winter! (The great thing about having four seasons, something  hot, humid Singapore desperately needs, is that the same place can provide different experiences year round. What a treat!)




小樽なら、簡単に説明すれば、「ミュージックボックス」の所だった。確かに運河があって、パークもあるけど、一番目に触れるのはミュージックボックスの店だった。週末に行ったけど、旅行者のための以外の店がほとんど閉めてある。でも、手ぶらで帰ったことではなく、スター・ウォーズ のミュージックボックスを買った(その友達がすごくスター・ウォーズに熱狂している)。も一つは夏に行ったから、小樽雪あかりの路を見えなっかた。そろそろ又小樽に行く時間かな。(季節がある国は、良いことが同じ所が違う経験をあげられることだ。熱いより、蒸し暑いシンガポールもあれば、いいんなあ~)













Time really flies and I can't believe I've stayed in Hokkaido on my own for almost half a year. Looking back, it felt like only yesterday when I first landed at Shin-Chitose Airport to embark on a new chapter in my life.

Oh and before I go on, perhaps a short introduction about myself would be appropriate. My name's Kasper =) I'm 24 and a fresh physics graduate from the National University of Singapore (graduated in May 2014). Most people would be wondering why a physicist would be spending his time in Japan studying the language but to give a real simple answer, I just love the place so much!  I'm not purely a physicist but I also minored in Japanese Studies during my college years and I am proud to say that it is also in this area where my true interests lie.  My experience so far has not led me to change my opinions about Japan in the slightest and am happy to report that I'm really enjoying life out here!

I have to admit though that I'm quite the introvert and hermit so staying at for most of the day does not bother me in the slightest. Not that it's the case right now as I juggle my studies, part-time job and planning for the near future so life's pretty hectic these days. Still, just a disclaimer for those reading, I don't travel much and have still yet to explore much of Hokkaido so don't be expecting me to share too many tour experiences and recommendations for places to visit =S I enjoy a simple life. Daily life in Japan also excites me. A visit to the nearby supermarket for groceries; getting a haircut; finding cheap and good places to eat on a regular basis; these can provide wonderful experiences too! Unless you're really loaded and really love to travel, I guess travelling would be a great way to spend time here but to all other average joes (hehe) like me and prospective students, try and enjoy the little things in life a little more. 

That said, do go out and enjoy yourself once in awhile, just to change it up now and then. And with that I end my post with a few pictures that I took roaming the streets of Sapporo when I first arrived. Expect more soon!











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