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"Your dream, begins in Sapporo"Established in 1986, our history and achievements has won the trust from students all over the world. JLI, the Japanese Language institute of Sapporo, is the number one Japanese Language Institute in Hokkaido and has the most student Enrollments. Its history and achievements have paved the way for a trusted Japanese learning environment. It is also continuing its development in providing education based on students' needs.

At JLI your classmates come from around 25 countries & regions so Japanese will be the common language among students.

"I want to enjoy the diverse nature throughout the 4 seasons!""I want to be able to focus on my studies""I want to have comfortable living environment"All these wishes will come true in Sapporo.For those who love to be surrounded by nature, those who want to be able to focus in their studies, and have comfortable living environment, Sapporo is waiting for you.

Students from all over the world and future Japanese teachers come together to achieving their dreams, helping and encouraging each other to strive for their dreams.

Pie chart of students' countries/regions (2017)

Students can choose the most suitable course based on your goal and your period of stay from abundant courses JLI offers.

【Long-term Course】

Course duration :〜2years
Visa :College Visa
Tuition fee :About 700KJPY per year

【Summer Course】

Course duration :Mid July~ Early August, about 3 weeks
Tuition fee :165,000yen

※You can join many Japanese cultural activities
※Materials fee , accommodation fee and tax are included

【Short-term Course】

Course duration :from 1 week ~ 12 weeks
Visa :Temporary visa
Tuition fee :About 60KJPY per month

【VISA holder Course】

Course duration :4 weeks ~ 15 weeks
Visa :Spouse Visa, Working Holiday Visa, etc.
Tuition fee :About 50KJPY per month

※Fee listed included the estimated tuition fee and admission fee. Please contact [Japanese Language Department] for further details.

A secure, safe, convenient and economic environment.Dormitory, apartment, and home stay are available per request.


Rental Fee :About 30,000 ~ 70,000JPY/mth
※Single room. The rent varies if you choose meals included or not.


Rental Fee :About 25,000~35000JPY/mth

Because the rent in Sapporo is cheap, it is possible to focus on studies without worry of living expenses.


Rent :30,000JPY
Utilities :8,100JPY
Food :23,000JPY
Internet :3,500JPY
Mobile service :5,600JPY
Miscellaneous :10,000JPY

Total 80,200JPY

Our staff at JLI supports you to achieve your dream.


Our founder has never stopped his passion, working to create the best learning environment for students.

Founder Kazuo Motoi

Kazuo Motoi established the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo in 1986. He studied abroad in Australia and found that coming in contact with different cultures widens one's views, deepens the understanding of one's own culture, and fosters a global point of view. These are the values upon which the Japanese language institute of Sapporo has been founded upon.
Since 1990, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo was recognized by Sapporo Immigration Bureau as meeting the standards for a "Proper Japanese Education Facility."
Nowadays, no matter within or outside Japan, people studying Japanese culture is increasing. Their age ranges not only from youngsters such as college students to high school and middle school students, but also broadening to middle-aged and elderly people learning Japanese culture as a part of their career education.
Students from about 25 countries and regions in the Japanese language department, and students, housewives, working or retired adults who are all future teachers at the Japanese Teacher Training Department, they are all fighting to achieve their goals.Even till now, all our staff has the same spirit from our founder Motoi deep in our hearts, to creating the best learning environment for our students of both departments.

【Our Principle】

We support everyone in fulfilling their dreams.

Mitsuko Miyamoto

Sapporo is a big city with population of 1.9Milliion. There are many places where you can enjoy this beautiful place, rich with nature with it's four distinct seasons. Especially in the Maruyama region, where the school is located, it is a quiet place for education and the center of Sapporo. In spring, cherry blossom petals dancing in the gentle breeze, in winter the snow-white path shining bright - many of our students had gained so much power from these wonderful environment of Sapporo travelling to school everyday. Our institute is setup with the Japanese Language Department and the Japanese Teacher Training Department.
In the Japanese Language Department, foreign students who dreams of broadening their future opportunities with Japanese gather here. In the Teaching Japanese as second language department, Japanese students who dream of teaching overseas are working hard to realize their dream. They all work hard together and giving each other motivation, lead to good improvement in their studies.
Our dream is that our students learn of various worlds through this valuable experience in Sapporo, to fulfill each of their hopes and dreams after graduation. From there, we wish our students will take the ideas and thoughts of dream come true brought about in Sapporo and share it with all over the world. For I believe that even the smallest desires of individuals can create strong bonds, thus contributing to world peace. As an institution which connects friendship between different countries, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo will do all its might to support our students' challenge to explore the world.
As an institution which connects friendship between different countries, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo will do all its might to support our students' challenge to explore the world.
How would you like to achieve your dreams with us together?

【Teachers of Japanese Language Department】


Sayo Igarashi
Studying in Japan, working in Japan, reading manga in Japanese .... Learning language spreads your world. What would you like to do in Japanese? We will help everyone's dreams!


Kanami Chiba
Studying is not always fun but if you are able to enjoy it, that’s a great thing. I will do my best to have fun studying Japanese with you! Sapporo has plenty of fun places too!

Kana Omae
Our motto is "We should listen to students very carefully!"We will talk to everyone in class.
We will send you our warmest welcome even when it gets cold in Sapporo. Please come to us!


Yuka Miura
Sapporo is a city with good taste food and rich nature. Let 's study together in Sapporo. You will find your new possibilities with Japanese language.

【Teachers of Japanese Teachers Training Department】

Hiroki Miyanaga  (Japanese pronunciation, strategy course for the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test)

I have heard that some might think "It is easy to teach Japanese grammar and pronunciation". However, I would say this is not true. Teaching ones own language in general is difficult. As for Japanese people, the Japanese language is the most difficult to teach. It's easy to talk and listen in one's mother language, however, teaching it is totally different. This is because you will be required to think about how to use the language which you never needed to before in your every day life. For example, what is the difference in grammar between "ha" and "ga"? The difference in pronunciation between "hi" to "shi"? Being able to explain correctly about this knowledge is what it takes to become a Japanese teacher. It won't be an easy job. But you can say it is also why the job is worthwhile. Let's learn together.

Kaori Ogawa (Class simulation, strategy course for the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test)

What kind of image do you have about the job as a Japanese teacher?A job that can allow you to take a leading role in foreign countries? A job without an age or sex requirement? By interacting with foreigners, you will have more and more new discoveries? The answer is, all of the above are true. But let me say one more thing - "You will build up yourself with wide and deep knowledge, teaching techniques, and rich experience in the education industry."You cannot master in the education industry with a manual. There are so much to learn out there. It is our job to guide them to learn the essential techniques and knowledge efficiently.
At JLI we are not going to teach just according to textbooks. No matter how difficult some theories might sound, and how easy some knowledge might seem, we will teach with lively practices and simulation, we will make it clear that why these are important for becoming Japanese teachers as we teach.Surely the simulation will be done as close to the actual teaching environment as possible. And the most important point is to build up the ability for future teaches to solve any problems they might face in class.
Although it is said that, to be the age of internationalization now, but how many can always hang out with foreigners, watch them grow, share their joy, or even have an experience of debating with foreigners? Japanese teachers can do it. And you can do it.

Takako Oyama (Japanese sentence construction, grammar)

Based on the research done by the Japan Foundation, there are about 365 million people overseas studying Japanese, in 133 countries and regions. They study not only about Japanese culture, many of them are interested in the language itself which became they reason they started. This does not only happen overseas, local people with different backgrounds are having an increased interest in the language. It seems that the trend is still carrying on. Normally we can speak Japanese without thinking at all, however when you review it from the beginning, you will find that "Oh, I never thought about Japanese this way". I think there will be many fun discoveries.
Broadening our wide sights together with students who studies the language and make use of it to communicate, I'm inviting you! Join us soon!