JLI senior student interview (2) ~Regarding life in Sapporo~
AAREECHAROENLERT DHITINAJ (Mrs. Ploen from Thailand)・Song Lili san (China)
Mrs. Ploen Q Song Lili san
I have liked Japanese games since I was a kid and have always wanted to go to Japan. And since I like cold places, I chose to come to Sapporo. Why did you come to Sapporo? When I was young, I have always wanted to go to the shooting location of the movie “Love Letter” which is in Otaru. As Otaru is very close to Sapporo, I actually visited Otaru after coming to Japan.
I plan to return to my home country and help my father’s business. My father does food export trading to Japan and other countries. What will you do after graduation? I want to study at a graduate school. When I graduate from there, I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a Japanese teacher in my home country.
It is fun. I’m so happy that I can study Japanese in Japan. Sometimes I watch drama, and read about tales, I enjoy my studies very much. How is your Japanese study? It is very difficult. Especially “Keigo”(polite form to superior). However the teachers are very kind, they helped me with my preparation for my admissions test to the graduate school.
I’m so happy that I have made so many new and different friends from different backgrounds / countries here. When I feel a little homesick, I use Skype or iPhone apps to chat with my family. How do you feel about living in Sapporo? It is very fun! I have made friends with Korean, Americans, and even friends from Germany and many other countries.
07:30 Wake up
Have breakfast at the dorm
8:45 Go to school
I travel to school by foot and arrive within 25 minutes
9:00 Class begins
12:25 Lunch
My friends and I buy lunch boxes at convenient stores or dine at restaurants (500~1,000JPY)
13:30 Free time
Go to Karaoke with my friends (500JPY), or study at the school lounge
18:00 Go Home
Dinner at dorm
19:30 Free time
Browse the web, or chat with my Japanese friends at dorm.
24:30 Bedtime
Please tell us about your time schedule of a day.
07:30 Wake up Make breakfast and eat at home
08:30 Go to school I travel to school by foot and arrive in about 7 minutes
9:00 Class begins
12:25 Lunch
I usually dine at home. Occasionally dine with friends at restaurants (about 800JPY)
14:00 Studies
17:00 Dinner
18:00 Part-time job
I work at the supermarket as a floor support - product arrangement. I work 4 hours per day and 4 times a week.
22:00 Free time
Watching TV, or browsing the web, and chatting with my family using Skype.
24:00 Bedtime