JLI senior student interview (1) ~Regarding Japanese studies~
Mr. Lee Chee Siong (Malaysia) April 2011 ~ Present

Q:Why did you start learning Japanese?
Mr. Lee:I think Japan is a beautiful country. Also as I’m interested in Japanese culture, I studied Japanese for 2 years at University in Malaysia.

Q: How long have you studied Japanese before coming to JLI?
Mr. Lee:I have passed JLPT Level 4 before enrollment. Teacher A: But at the time of enrollment, Mr. Lee has already
Teacher A :But at the time of enrollment, Mr. Lee has already forgotten much about the level 4 vocabulary and grammar, so it is actually like a beginner’s level! (*smile*)
Mr. Lee :Sensei(Teacher)!><

So let’s go back to the interview in April 2011 to see how Mr. Lee’s Japanese level is.

April 2011 ~ Enrolled in Basic Class

Q:Have you studied Japanese before?
Mr. Lee’s reply at that time was “Kuni wo? Kuni de? Nihongo…benkyoushimasu. Deshita.” (I use country? At my country? I study… Japanese. Studied.)
★There were a few mistakes.

October 2011~ Enrolled in Intermediate Class (for JLPT level N2)

Q: Have you studied Japanese before?
Mr. Lee’s reply at that time was “Kuni de nihongo wo benkyoushimashitaga, madamadadesu. Motto jyouzu ni hanaseru youni naritaidesu.” (I have studied Japanese in my country before, but I’m still far from being fluent. I want to further improve my Japanese.)
★Mr. Lee became able to answer daily conversations.

April 2012 ~ Enrolled in Advanced Class (for JLPT level N1)

Q: How is your Japanese studies doing?
Mr. Lee’s reply at that time was “bokokudearuteido gakushushitekitatohaie, sorewojissaini unyousurutonaruto, hanashiha betudesune. Yahari kaiwarenshu ha gaigokugo shutokuni kakubekarazarumondesune.” (Although I have studied Japanese to a certain extent in my home country before, but it is different when it comes to actually using/speaking the language. Oral practice is really a vital part for foreign language studies.)
★Mr. Lee is able to use difficult expressions

After studying at JLI, Mr. Lee has shown a significant improvement in Japanese language ability beyond target progress. Mr. Lee, continue to work hard for your dreams! And for you who want to improve your Japanese just like Mr. Lee? The Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo is waiting for you!